Ableton Course

Learn Ableton Live at Leicester College

The course will offer students a full introduction to the principles and practices of Ableton Live.ableton_certified_training_center_logo_white_bg

Based in a practical workshop environment students will have access to their own personal workstation where they will apply and practice their production skills.

The course will be broken down into the following sessions:

  • Introduction to Ableton Live
  • MIDI & Instruments
  • Audio & Warping
  • Effects & Automation
  • Arranging, Mixing, and Routing
  • Performing with Live

These sessions will aim to develop students’ production skills; using MIDI and Audio to create a track; how to make creative use of effects; how to arrange and structure a track; how to mix their track; and how to use their track as part of a performance.

Students will be instructed via tutor demonstration during the sessions providing an opportunity to observe, discuss, and apply practice and techniques. Students will also be expected to use the Ableton Live manual and other provided resources to reinforce the theory of Ableton Live’s concepts such as MIDI principles, audio warping, and track mixing.


Courses run over 5 sessions, each session being 2 hours

Ableton Live 101 Course Information

To apply and enroll, click here: Leicester College – Ableton 101 Course

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