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Following the success of the PRZM (Animated MIDI Lightbox) I am proud to present the Mini PRZMs. First previewed at Superbooth in May 2018, the Mini PRZMs draw on the same concept as the PRZM but with a dedicated instrument and control box for each player. Powered by Arduino and Ableton Live, PRZM offers a unique way for people to interact with and make music.

Mini PRZM 02


More details on the design and development coming soon.

Multi Analyser XL

Following the success of the Multi Analyser, I am proud to announce the Multi Analyser XL. 

Available from Isotonik Studios.


New features include:

  • Large floating window (stays visible while selecting different tracks).
  • Channel routing options per track:
    • Select from Pre FX, Post FX or Post Mixer to analyse tracks.
    • Select Left, Right or Summed output of tracks to analyse.


Live 10

Multi Analyser XL makes use of a new feature of Live 10 whereby Max for Live devices now support multiple audio inputs and outputs. Inputs and outputs can be accessed via the track’s input and output channel choosers. Devices can also be routed to arbitrary tracks via the Live API.

This means that as well as hard routing a tracks output to a Max for Live device or routing content of a Max for Live device out to dedicated track input, we can also grab the output of a track and send it into in Max for Live Device without disrupting its current signal flow (i.e. to Master). This is great for analysis and measurement tools but also it allows Max for Live devices to have side-chaining functionality, which was previously not possible.

System Requirements

Multi Analyser XL requires Ableton Live 10 and a version of Max for Live will also be needed either with Ableton Live 10 Suite or Ableton Live 10 Standard with the Max for Live extension. Multi Analyser XL will not work in Live 9.

Available from Isotonik Studios.

For more information on the operation and development of Multi Analyser click here.