Creative Technology Live brings Ableton Live to Leicester! Expects world class Certified Trainers, specialist workshops, demos and a sneak peak at Ableton Live 9





Fortran have teamed up with Kontakt to present a monthly night of electronic music

Fortran is a Live Electronic Music Event based in Leicester.

To get things started with the first night we have none other than Ed Chamberlain:

BaseLogic founder member Edmund Robert Chamberlain, preternaturally gifted composer and awkward gentleman, refused to commit his live sound to vinyl for many years and remained a shadowy figure despite calls from such luminaries as John Peel to come in from the cold and tell us what the deuce he was about. After years of tense negotiation, the three part ”Fixxy” series was prised from his white knuckles and unleashed on the world.

It went down like a spoon at a jam festival. The reaction was so overwhelming everyone had to sit down, and when no-one was looking Surgeon, Vent and Ochre did some remixes and the ”Mixxy” series was born. Stay tuned for further developments from this label, as no-one can be quite sure what, if anything, will happen next…

Also on the line up: Bandish Projekt and Myoptik:

Myoptik has been cutting an idiosyncratic figure in the world of music, radio, writing, comedy and events promotion since the last century. Preferring to embrace the random and expressive over the perfect and the staid Myoptik is not easy to pindown or tidy up. A lifetime of jams, collaborations and live performances inform his refreshing and sometimes obtuse take on electronic sound. His releases for TheCentrifuge, LawandAuder, WhiteLabelMusic and his own Ping-Discs imprint reflect some of the more harnessed offerings that have spewed out of his cacophanous studio and refracted mind.​ptik

Bandish Projekt: It was the late 90’s; India was still lulling over crass, stereotyped remixes. And then boom!!! There came a phenomenon that forced you to sit up, take notice and really listen. An experiment in sound, a musical phenomenon way ahead of its time, BANDISH PROJEKT is not about grasping the sound of music. It’s about appreciating the music of sound. BANDISH PROJEKT resonates the musicality of Mayur Narvekar, a composer, producer, DJ; remix artist, performer and a multi-instrumentalist. ‘Bandish’ in its Indian classical connotation means, ‘composition’, while Projekt reflects its innate experimentation. Like a creeper and a tree, the music is a symbiotic conjoining of the sounds of folk music fused with electronica or classical Indian ragas entwined into trip hop. BANDISH PROJEKT fused the melodies of yore with new age IDM (Intelligent Dance Music). These explorations and amalgamations resounded like never before, and people were drawn to this new wavelength!

— Live Electronics With —

– ED CHAMBERLAIN [Baselogic]

– BANDISH PROJEKT [Bheja Fry Records]


– TEC-HO + MSB [Fortran]


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