Leicester Ableton User Meet with Bandish Projekt

Join us for the second official User Meet in Leicester, expect live demos, free workshops, live jamming + more. All welcome, bring your laptops/projects and get involved.
LAUG Sept 2013
We are very excited to announce that we will be joined by Mayur Narvekar of Bandish Projekt all the way from India .

Mayur will be breaking down one of his tracks and revealing some of his tricks and techniques using Ableton Live

Check the website for more info on Bandish Projekt http://bandishprojekt.com/

Gezz Lavin is a Leicester based music producer and Ableton Live enthusiast!
Gezz is going to go through how he organises and sequences his drum sounds within Live. Looking at; Layering drum hits, using sends with drum racks and also processing finished loops

Certified Trainer Mark Towers will be going through some techniques from his current live set and demonstrating the routing used in live to achieve generative style effects.

Jam: if you would like to get involved in the jam, just bring your laptop or electronic instrument along and plug in, ideally MIDI sync would be good, so if you have a MIDI interface or a sound card with MIDI ins, bring it along too.

This will also be a great opportunity to discuss your work with other producers and performers, exchange details, and collaborate on projects.

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