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Arcade Series Returns

The Arcade Series Returns is the follow up to the hugely successful Max for Live Generative Sequencers the Arcade Series. Designed by Ableton Certified trainer Mark Towers and inspired by classic retro Arcade Games each one can provide inspiration for rhythm or melody!

Arcade Series Returns SM

Consisting of four MaxforLive generative sequencers, the Arcade Series Returns can help defeat writers block or be the beginning of that inspirational piece of music. Each device is fully compatible and controllable with 8×8 grid based controllers:

  • Push 1
  • Push 2
  • Launchpad MINI/MK1/MK2/PRO
  • Native Instruments Maschine Jam.

Across the Arcade Series Returns is an inbuilt loop feature which can work on an individual element or globally. When you come up with a rhythm or melody you want to save you can also press a single button and export the pattern directly into an Ableton Live MIDI clip.


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PolyPin is a polyrhythmic performance sequencer built in Max for Live. Inspired by Pinball. Up to 8 sequencers run in-sync or independently using specially developed sequencer modes:

  • Probability for creating random chance-based beats
  • Euclidean for exotic polyrhythmic patterns
  • Classic for retro 16-step sequencing.


Download the PolyPin user manual.

Device available from Isotonik Studios.