MINI_PRZM_03New versions of the MINI PRZM’s are now ready and out in the world. Based on the same technology as the original PRZM, each player now controls their own mini PRZM instrument. Four of the devices have four arcade style buttons located on each side and control a specific instrument or musical layer (drums, bass, chords etc.). The final device has proximity and ultrasonic sensors that react to hand gestures and control master effects.



Together the PRZM project creates a powerful jam station for kids (and big kids) and comes pre-loaded with a range musical settings.



Each PRZM is based on the Arduino Pro Micro to process button presses and sensor inputs. The LED lights are based on the Adafruit Neo Pixel Rings which are also running from the Pro Micro. The top section is made with diffused black/transparent acrylic with a custom laser cut vinyl for the HUD graphics.

Each Pro Micro sends its sensor inputs to a master hub based on the Arduino Leonardo which essentially functions as a receiver for each of the MINI PRZM’s and converts everything into a single message stream connected to a computer. The Leonardo is coded to operate as a class-compliant MIDI device.


All the audio is generated in Ableton Live which receives control messages from the master PRZM HUB.

Screenshot 2019-06-02 at 19.04.19

Each PRZM controls a sampler instrument with a music loop loaded in. Different buttons will trigger different sections of the loop allowing players to re-organise the loop and jam with it.



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