Leicester Ableton User Group Meetup presents Tobi Hunke

Ableton Drummer Sept 19

Where: R10 52a Market Place, Leicester, LE1 5GF

When: Wednesday 18th September at 7 PM – 9 PM

Leicester Ableton User Group proudly presents: Tobi Hunke, who runs AbletonDrummer.com as he explores different aspects of how Ableton Live is and can be used by drummers with showcasing practical examples with a focus on live performance including the subjects:
Recording and Audio Processing live
Playback/Backing Track Operations
Drum Module / Drum Sound Engine
Midi Effect Engine – Tonal Sequences/DMX-Lights/Video/Trigger whatever…

About Tobi:
Tobi Hunke, who is born and living in Germany was starting to tour with bands at the age of seventeen and has played numerous live shows and in various recording sessions. While his studies in England he started to develop an interest in performing electronic music and into working with Ableton Live. He is now mainly working as a drum teacher and Ableton Live instructor with the focus on combining the two. He has developed an online presence through blogging and building up an online community for drummers using Ableton Live, which has gained a big reputation around the globe. Tobias Hunke developed online educational resources as well as providing and programming plug ins for drummers to combine and translate (physical) drumming into the digital world.

AbletonKurse https://www.abletonkurse.de
AbletonDrummer http://www.abletondrummer.com

AbletonDrummer – https://wwwfacebook.com/groups/abletondrummer


Megan Timings – Creating Chip Tune Pop with Ableton Live.

James Kelly – Creating Impulse Responses with M4L Convolution Reverb Pro.

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